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Hello, I'm Chris

The heart and soul behind our exceptional dog training business. With a deep-rooted passion for canines and an unwavering dedication to their well-being, Chris has been on a remarkable journey since the age of 16, when he first discovered his passion for training and boarding dogs. What began as a heartfelt endeavor has blossomed into a thriving business that radiates with his profound understanding of canine behavior. With years of experience under his belt, Chris has trained over 500 dogs, tailoring his approach to suit the unique needs and personalities of each one he encounters. As the driving force behind our mission, Chris is committed to building unbreakable bonds between owners and their pets.

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My Story

Hi, Im Christopher Louie and I've been training and boarding dogs since I was 16. I first found my interest in pets after working a summer job at a boarding facility. During that time I realized just how fun, yet difficult it is to interact with animals, having to take care, and even correct certain dogs.  A couple years later I ended up joining the military and  operating with and around working dogs. These dogs proved vital to keeping up our troops moral and discipline, something I continue to enforce when training and caring for canines today. I firmly believe that due to my years of experience in the military and extensive contact dogs, me and my team can provide you with the foremost effective and realistic dog training available.


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